Biogas Analysers

The analysis of Biogas is of critical importance to the safe & profitable operation of anaerobic digestion processes. The AwiEco & the AwiFlex system have a proven track record with hundreds of installations on anaerobic digestion plant throughout Europe. Allison Engineering are the sole UK representative for Awite Gmbh – sales and service.


  • AwiFlex, multi channel Biogas Analyser

    The AWI-Flex provides customised solutions for analysis of CH4, CO2, H2S, O2 and H2. Featuring numerous data acquisition options including Profibus comms, Ethernet connections and historical data logging. In addition, the AWI-Flex can accept flow rate data from the ST51 Thermal mass flow meter and combine this with percentage CH4 to provide real time information for total methane produced.

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  • AwiEco, single channel Biogas Analyser

    Allison Engineering are the exclusive UK representative for Awite Gmbh. Awite are the market leader in Germany for Biogas and Bio-methane analysers with hundreds of successful installations. All systems utilise rugged, industrial housings and Touch-Screen displays. The AWI-Eco is a technically advanced, yet economical analyser for CH4 and CO2, with one measurement point and up to fifty measurements per day.

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  • Biogas Scrubbers – A Technical Review

    An examination of various biogas desulphurisation techniques.

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  • Biological Desulphurisation

    The AwiFlex analyser (see above) is supplied with an air compressor and automatically controls the air injection to the digester gas space.

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Case studies

Cory Environmental

A successful collaboration between Uniflare and Allison Engineering at Cory Environmental’s Weston-super-Mare waste management site.

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Bio Dynamic

Improved efficiency at Bio Dynamic’s Anaerobic Digestion site via microbial desulphurisation.

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Controlling H2S – “The 3D Movie”

Learn more about how our system works with this 3D animated movie