Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meters

Our Thermal gas mass flow meters are capable of a wide variety of applications from compressed air, natural gas, biogas, hydrogen, combustion air and flare gas.

They feature all welded, no moving parts, direct mass flow sensors, suitable for dirty, corrosive, low flow applications that conventional flow technologies struggle with. We have been supplying the FCI Thermal flow meters in the UK for over 30 years and have a huge installed base.

Thermal dispersion technology measures the temperature difference between an active (heated) RTD and a reference (unheated) RTD. This is greatest in a no-flow condition and decreases as flow increases, cooling the heated RTD. Changes in flow velocity and density directly affect the extent to which heat dissipates and, in turn, the magnitude of the temperature difference between the RTDs. The flow meter therefore measures mass flow directly, without the need for additional temperature and pressure corrections.

  • ST110

    The European Carbon Trading Scheme relies heavily on accurate flow metering that can be functionally tested "in situ". Based on the ST100, the ST110 allows the operator to functionally test the device and verify the calibration without removing it from the pipeline.

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  • ST102

    Based on the ST100, the ST102 is designed for large diameter pipes with irregular flow profiles and uses two independent sensors to make an average flow measurement, thus improving accuracy. The ST102 features the same transmitter platform as the ST100 but has two independent field sensors. When installed on the same pipeline or duct they […]

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  • ST100A

    The all-new, thermal dispersion technology gas flow meter that combines the most feature- and function-rich electronics with the industry's most advanced flow sensors.

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  • ST80

    Mid-range flow meter for more arduous applications at elevated process temperatures with optional Digital communications

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  • ST75V

    An “In line” flow meter for low flow applications typically used for Compressed air, Natural gas, Syngas, for pipe sizes from ¼” to 1 ½”

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  • FCI ST51

    A general purpose flow meter for Biogas, Compressed air, Natural gas. An insertion device for pipe sizes > 1 1/2"

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  • Biogas Flow Rate Measurement

    The model ST51 “No Moving Parts” Thermal Mass Meter is ideally suited to the measurement of dirty, saturated Bio Gas at low flow and low pressure.

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  • ST50

    A general purpose flow meter for Compressed air measurement. An insertion device for pipe sizes > 1 1/2"

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Our Calibration Facilities

N.I.S.T traceable calibration facilities , the most sophisticated of any manufacturer of thermal gas mass flow meters.

ST110 movie

“In-situ” calibration testing – Principle of Operation

FCI Flow Meter Calibration