Our Calibration Facilities

The performance of any flow meter is only as good as its Calibration. Our FCI gas mass flow meters benefit from the most sophisticated thermal gas mass calibration facility in the world.
Calibrations are performed utilizing only NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology) traceable equipment and instrumentation. We also comply with MIL-STD-45662A, ANSI/NCSL Z-540 requirements and maintain ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100 certification.

The FCI calibration facility features Hydrocarbon / Hydrogen gas flow calibration capabilities ranging as low as .00017 NCMH) to ranges that exceed 8500 NCMH. With line sizes in
excess of 250 mm. Calibrations for applications with temperature ranges -73 to +538ºC and pressure ranges from 0 to 68 Bar are commonly performed.