Aeration air flow

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The ST50 thermal mass flow meter is an ideal, low cost solution, to the problem of balancing air flow within activated sludge basins. We have hundreds of successful installations in the UK waste water industry.

The model ST50 “No Moving Parts” Thermal Mass Meter is ideally suited to the measurement of low pressure Aeration air within Activated Sludge Basins. The ease of installation, negligible pressure drop and mass flow output has proved the ST50 to be an ideal alternative to conventional DP cells and turbine meters.

All air flow devices require a minimum 15 diameters of straight pipe to achieve optimum accuracy, but on aeration air basins this is sometimes difficult to achieve. The ST50 is available with its own unique ultra low pressure drop flow conditioner that reduces the straight pipe requirement to 6 diameters.

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  • Direct mass flow
  • No moving parts
  • Field proven
  • Linear 4-20mA
  • LCD display