Automated air injection

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Microbiological desulphurisation will significantly reduce the H2S levels in the Bio-Gas produced from Anaerobic Digestion which has significant advantages when the gas is being used downstream as a fuel gas for electricity generation. By introducing & controlling a small volume of oxygen into the Bio-gas the H2S level can be reduced by as much as 90%. Needless to say, if the oxygen level is too high the whole process can be damaged & the yield of Bio-gas is drastically reduced.

The Awi-Flex multi-function Bio-gas analyser is designed for continuous analysis of a number of parameters including CH4 / CO2 / H2S / O2 / H2  as well as automated “real-time” control of the desulphurisation process. This is achieved by controlling the Oxygen injection from dedicated blowers. It features a built-in industrial PC interface which allows easy access to the recorded data, sensor parameters & system diagnostics as well as allowing Fuzzy logic automated control of an air feed compressor & associated shutoff valves.

Biological Desulphurisation

  • Discontinuous or continuous measurement
  • Touch screen PC interface
  • 4-20m Analogue outputs
    – Ethernet / Profibus / Modbus
    – USB connection
  • ATEX ll3G EExn
  • CH4 / CO2 / O2 / H2S / H2
  • Desulphurisation automated control