Biological Desulphurisation

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AwiFlex is capable of automatically controlling micro-biological desulphurisation, without ANY human input, 24 / 7 and at a significantly lower cost. This process involves injecting very small quantities of air into the biogas above the sludge surface. This process is widely used as a low-cost alternative to large scale biogas scrubbers and can result in a reduction in H2S of up to 90%. If untreated biogas is burnt as fuel in a gas engine, the H2S will form a weak sulphuric acid. This weak acid will quickly contaminate the engine lubrication oil and lead to corrosion of the combustion chamber, exhaust system and in various bearings. In the past, the process has been manual and requires constant attention. Too much air will kill the bacteria and stop the AD process, too little air and the H2S concentration will quickly rise.

Take a look at our two case studies for Cory Environmental & BioDynamic which show how biological desulphurisation can improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

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  • Reduction in H2S up to 90%
  • Supplied complete with air compressor
  • ATEX ll 3G (zone 2) (analyser only)
  • Measures CH4/O2/H2S/CO2/H2
  • 4-20/Profibus/Ethernet/Profinet
  • Up to 5 separate measuring points