Flare Gas flow

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The accurate measurement of flare gas is becoming increasing important to operators as they are often required to report total emissions and total mass of carbon released to atmosphere.

The ST100 is widely used in the oil & gas industry for flare gas measurement. It is capable of maintaining an uncertainty of < +/-5% over a 800:1 turndown ratio, this means operators are able to comply with the EU-ETS requirements for metering devices operating in Tier 3 of the Carbon trading scheme. In addition, it features a unique calibration verification function called “Verical” which allows the operator to check the calibration of the device without removing it from the pipeline. It measures mass flow directly without the need for additional temperature & pressure compensation and can report flow / total flow and temperature via Foundation Fieldbus H1 or HART.

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  • 800 : 1 turndown ratio
  • Uncertainty < +/-5%
  • 316 st/st sensor & housings
  • “In situ” calibration testing
  • Ultra low flow capability