Gas Holder Level Measurement

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The new standard in industrial laser level transmitters
Measurement made easy

Customer benefits
The LLT100 is specifically made for industrial applications and
harsh environments. It provides continuous, non-contact level
measurement capabilities for process automation and
inventory management in industries such as mining,
aggregates, oil & gas, chemicals, food & beverages, power,
pulp & paper, pharma, and water & waste water.

Optimize process or inventory management

  • Precise measurement of any solid or liquid
  • Independent of material properties

Low cost of ownership

  • Fast and flexible installation
  • No maintenance
  • Single product configuration works for many applications

Fast delivery

  • Less than 2 weeks from order to receipt


Main features

ABB brings laser level transmitters to the next level of
noncontact measurements by packaging laser ranging
technology with the required features for industrial
applications. Using a pulsed laser for performing time of flight
measurement, LLT100 provides accurate distance
measurements while being powered from the 4 to 20 mA
loop. Available in aluminum or stainless steel body, it comes
with a variety of process interfaces. It can meet the demands
of hazardous area locations, high pressure and high
temperature applications.


  • Easy setup function
  • Orientable embedded graphical user interface
  • 2-wire powered and HART 7 communication



  • Dust and fog penetration capabilities
  • Accurate measurement at short and long distances
  • Explosion-proof class 1, division 1 (zone 1)

Base model
Ideal for measuring the level of solids at up to 100 m (328 ft.)
and liquids at up to 30 m (98 ft.) when the process is at
normal pressures. Affordable, powerful level transmitter for a
wide range of applications, even in hazardous areas.

Range 0.5 m to 100 m (2 ft. to 330 ft.)
Process fitting ASME class 150, NPS 2 in.
DN 50 PN 16 flat face
Operating temperature –40°C to +60°C (–40°F to +140°F)
Process pressure –1 to +2 bar (29 psi)
Accuracy ±2 cm (0.8 in.)

High pressure models
Ideal for high-pressure applications. Same performance as the
base model, but fitted with a choice of pressure rated flanges.
As all models, is certified for use in hazardous area zone 1,
and laser beam can be sent safely into zone 0.

Range 0.5 m to 100 m (2 ft. to 330 ft.)
Process fitting ASME class 150/300, NPS 2 in.
DN 50 PN 16/40 raised face
Process temperature –40°C to +60°C (–40°F to +140°F)
Process pressure –1 to +50 bar (720 psi)
Accuracy ±2 cm (0.8 in.)

Hygienic model
Ideal for food and beverage or pharmaceutical applications.
Model fitted with a 4 in. triclover clamp interface with hygienic
certifications. As all models, available with aluminum or
stainless steel enclosure.

Range 0.5 m to 100 m (2 ft. to 330 ft.)
Process fitting 4 in. triclover clamp
Operating temperature –40°C to +60°C (–40°F to +140°F)
Process pressure –1 bar to +1 bar (15 psi)
Accuracy ±2 cm (0.8 in.)

Configure the transmitter to a wide variety of applications.

  • Dust tube
  • Purge ring for dust tube
  • Cooling tube (increases maximum process temperature to 280°C (535°F)
  • Heated window (requires 4-wire power)
  • Through-The-Glass HMI
  • Flange adapters
  • Alignment laser pointer
  • External relays
  • Rotating bracket, swivel flange