Nitrogen Generation

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Many applications exist for on-site Oxygen and Nitrogen generation, across various industries. The benefits of generating these gases are numerous, not least the considerable cost saving and simplified logistics.


Pressure Swing Adsorption can be used to produce N2 or O2 from compressed air, which is fed to the unit that uses adsorption phenomena to remove the contaminants: N2 when the desired pure gas is O2, or O2 when the desired pure gas is N2.  Also, in both cases, H2O and CO2 are removed as well as other minor contaminants.

The PSA unit contains two columns packed with a selective adsorbent that has affinity towards the component to be removed: a carbon molecular sieve is used to produce N2 and zeolites are used to produce O2.

Each column undergoes a cyclic sequence of high and low pressure steps that guarantees the production of a continuous flow of high purity gas.

In the high pressure step, the adsorbent retains the contaminants present in the compressed air and the desired gas (N2 or O2) is obtained from the top of the columns.

The regeneration is accomplished in the low pressure step, with the release of contaminants retained by the adsorbent.


PSA Diagram



NITROGEN – A line of robust, reliable and modular Nitrogen generators based on Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology using state of the art Carbon Molecular Sieves adsorbents.

  • Reduction of Nitrogen costs up to 95%
  • Independence from external gas suppliers and from fluctuation of the Nitrogen market prices
  • Suppression of logistic operations like handling of cylinders or liquid Nitrogen supplier management
  • Modular, flexible and low maintenance units
  • Nitrogen pressure up to 9 bar (without Booster)
  • LCD display
  • Oxygen analyzer
  • 4.0 Ready
  • Purity up to 99.999%
  • VARIO PSA (optional)


Nitrogen is designed to be easily installed in any indoor facility, requiring only a compressed air line and a power connection. Our modular philosophy of Nitrogen generators allows the installation of multiple parallel units.

SYSADVANCE generators produce high purity Nitrogen from compressed air, allowing continuous availability at a very competitive cost, compared to alternative supply with cylinders or cryogenic tank.

With purities up to 99.999% of N2, Nitrogen can be connected to an external buffer allowing a backup or a delay of production/consumption according to the needs of each application.



Flow N2 (Sm3/h)
Flow N2 (Sm3/h)
Flow N2 (Sm3/h)
Flow N2 (Sm3/h)
NITROGEN 5C 1.82 1.1 0.65 0.2
NITROGEN 10C 3.78 2.28 1.35 0.38
NITROGEN 15C 6.43 3.88 2.3 0.63
NITROGEN 30/C 12.45 7.51 4.5 1.46
NITROGEN 50/C 17.23 10.4 6.2 2
NITROGEN 70/C 27.08 16.34 9.7 3.01
NITROGEN 90/C 36.93 22.28 13.2 4.03
NITROGEN 120/c 55.11 33.25 19.7 5.76
NITROGEN 150 73.87 44.56 26.5 7.55
NITROGEN 250 11.42 60.58 36 10.18
NITROGEN 325 114.33 68.97 41 11.81
NITROGEN 400 150.5 90.79 54 16.33
NITROGEN 600 208.04 125.5 74.5 22.86
NITROGEN 800 298.36 191.65 113.8 34.45
NITROGEN 1000LP 393.55 237.4
NITROGEN 1000HP 141 44.41
NITROGEN 1200LP 450.04 271.48
NITROGEN 1200HP 161 51.07
NITROGEN 1800LP 593.73 358.16
NITROGEN 1800HP 212.4 68.45
NITROGEN 2400LP 737.42 444.83
NITROGEN 2400HP 264 87.51
NITROGEN 3000LP 946.64 571.04
NITROGEN 3000HP 338.9 111.97
NITROGEN 3600LP 1155.86 697.25
NITROGEN 3600HP 414 137.05
NITROGEN 4000LP 1323.81 798.56
NITROGEN 4000HP 474.15 157.31



PSA System




  • Economy – 90% reduction in the cost of Nitrogen
  • Convenience – elimination of logistical and administrative operations
  • Continuous availability – elimination of orders and deliveries
  • Modularity / Scalability – your installation grows with you
  • Robustness, reliability and durability
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Security
  • Ready-to-use engineering solutions




Prepared & Catered Foods Wineries Pharmaceuticals Labratories
Chemical Industry Oil & Gas Marine & Off-Shore Fire Supression
Lazer & Plasma Cutting Heat Treatment Tyre Inflation Electronics
Foundry (Iron/Copper/Aluminium/Alloys)


nitrogen generation