Pump protection – Prevent Dry Running – SIL2

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Nothing will damage a pump quicker than overheating due to dry running. The liquid acts as a coolant & without it the seals & bearings can easily be damaged which leads to expensive repairs & production down time. The FLT93 flow switch solves the problem !

The FLT93 thermal flow switch is the industry standard for monitoring low flow through pumps. We have thousands of installations worldwide on Crude Oil, Gasoline, Diesel, Liquid Ethylene & Sea water in industries such as offshore oil & gas production and onshore refineries . The FLT93 has no moving parts & features a rugged, robust, all welded st/st or Hastelloy sensor which is resistant to pulsating, dirty liquids at temperatures up to +450 C.

The SIL2 rated FLT93 features two independent 6amp relay alarms. If necessary the first can used as a pre-alarm for an initial drop in flow within the range 0.003 to 0.9 m/s and the second can be set to detect a dry pipe condition. Process connections include threaded (screwed) NPT / BSP or flanged.

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  • SIL2
  • ATEX Exd
  • Cryogenics to -100 deg C
  • High temperatures to +450 deg C
  • 316 st/st or Hastelloy C276 wetted parts