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Based on the ST100, the ST102 is designed for large diameter pipes with irregular flow profiles and uses two independent sensors to make an average flow measurement, thus improving accuracy.

The ST102 features the same transmitter platform as the ST100 but has two independent field sensors. When installed on the same pipeline or duct they average the flow to give a single reading. The ST102 has been designed for large diameter pipework or ducting where there is limited lengths of straight pipe upstream.

In these instances the flow profile will be irregular, and the accuracy of a single sensor flow meter will suffer greatly. The ST102 eliminates these error’s.

  • Dual sensor averaging
  • SIL1 / ATEX certified
  • 316 st/st / Hastelloy C wetted parts
  • Process temperatures up to +450°C
  • 1000:1 turndown ratio
  • 4-20mA/ HART/Profibus PA/Fieldbus H1
  • Mixed hydrocarbon gas calibrations

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