VIP conditioning plate

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With the flow meter at 3 diameters downstream of the VIP plate, flow profile anomalies are completely neutralized so that the flow meter receives a swirl-free, symmetric and repeatable flow profile.

The VIP has been engineered and validated utilizing sophisticated flow modelling software tools, and in Vortab’s NIST traceable flow stands under actual installation conditions with elbows, valves, headers and other disturbers. It is particularly effective with wide-turn down and/or low flow sensitive flow meter technologies (e.g. thermal dispersion) to provide a highly repeatable flow profile during laminar, transitional and turbulent flow conditions.

Unlike “tube bundles” and “perforated plates” the VIP eliminates swirl effects with virtually no pressure drop. Contact us with you process details and we can tell you precisely the loss in pressure you can expect.

  • Ultra low pressure drop
  • No moving parts
  • 316 st/st
  • 2″ to 36″ (ANSI / DIN)
  • Suitable for all flow meter technologies