Flow Measurement

We are the exclusive UK representative for FCI, the pioneer and leading manufacturer of thermal dispersion technology applied to gas flow measurement applications.

For the following applications we have supplied many thousands of FCI gas flow meters over several decades. This “No Moving Parts” technology is ideally suited to the measurement of dirty, saturated gas. This, coupled with ATEX certification and the ability to measure ultra-low flow, makes FCI the ideal choice.

  • Biogas flow

    Comply with the latest OFGEM RHI regulations for gas flow measurement to Waste Gas burners, Flares & CHP units. The ST series thermal mass flow meters have no moving parts and are ATEX certified. They are ideally suited to measuring the flow rate of dirty, saturated biogas at minimal operating pressures.

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  • Hydrogen mass flow

    Thermal gasification is becoming increasingly common and can treat a wide variety of organic waste materials with minimal atmospheric emissions. The result is a mixture of hydrogen & carbon monoxide. The Hydrogen can then be used for electricity generation or fuel cells.

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  • Aeration air flow

    The ST50 thermal mass flow meter is an ideal, low cost solution, to the problem of balancing air flow within activated sludge basins. We have hundreds of successful installations in the UK waste water industry.

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