Vortab Flow Conditioners

Many flow meter technologies, require several diameters of straight pipe run to meet their published accuracy specification. This straight-run is required to provide a swirl-free and repeatable flow profile to the flow meter.

However, in practical applications, industrial plant piping is rich with elbows, valves, tees and vessels. 20 – 30 diameters of straight pipe can be a real challenge to find. Pipe bends & valves create an unrepeatable, asymmetric and swirling flow profile ultimately resulting in flow meter inaccuracies.

Furthermore at low-flows the transitional zone between laminar and turbulent flow can induce additional inaccuracies.

The Vortab range of flow conditioners can eliminate these errors in as little as 3 pipe diameters.

Data Sheet

  • VIP conditioning plate

    The VIP conditioning plate is a unique breakthrough in gas flow conditioning. Capable of producing a repeatable flow profile & eliminating swirl with minimal pressure drop

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  • Know your Reynolds numbers !

    Accurate flow measurement between Reynolds numbers 2,000 to 4,000 Re can be a major problem. The Vortab VIP flow conditioner is an ideal solution.

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Our Calibration Facilities

N.I.S.T traceable calibration facilities , the most sophisticated of any manufacturer of thermal gas mass flow meters.

Watch the movie – VIP flow conditioners

Watch our technical presentation on the principle of Vortab, VIP Panel flow conditioners